Automation, resilience & efficiency for microservice architectures.

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Microscaling - real-time auto-scaling using constant feedback from your running system


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What is microscaling?

You can scale VMs to meet demand but it typically takes minutes to create new instances. So you’re probably running with lots of unused capacity ready to cope with spikes in demand. Horizontal scaling of microservices is great, but it can be a nightmare to manually manage VMs and containers.

Microscaling gives you the power to automate managing those systems. It allows you to adjust container scaling in response to demand, making use of spare capacity for your non-critical or batch-processing tasks.

Multi-platform microscaling

Our solution is built to work with all the container schedulers and orchestration systems including Kubernetes, Mesos/Marathon, Nomad, ECS and Docker Swarm.

We're also platform agnostic, running on all the major infrastructure platforms as well as on-premise servers.